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FROM:  John Culbertson

Dear Seeker:

How do you make the most of a psychic or intuitive reading and stop feeling as though you’re wasting money by getting one?

The answer is simple:  you need to know everything you can about how to get a psychic or intuitive reading!

In my free ebook, I’ll teach you some practical strategies for getting the best possible psychic reading and walk away from it feeling as though it was money well spent. I really hope you will download it because you’ll learn:

  • Why you should get a psychic or intuitive session.
  • The many different types of psychics and sessions that are available.
  • When the best time to get a psychic reading is.
  • How to get a psychic or intuitive session – important things to keep in mind as you’re receiving the session.
  • The correct way to prepare for your session to get the best out of it.
  • The importance of note taking during a session.
  • How to process after a session – the key questions you should ask yourself.
  • Why you are the key to a successful session.
  • A prayer to say before your session.

I really hope you will download and read the ebook because I know you’ll learn a lot!

All the best,

~Rev. “Mystic” John Culbertson